Request for Application # 701-12-104 2012–2013 Advanced Technical Credit Grant Program

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May 7, 2012


SUBJECT: Request for Application # 701-12-104 2012–2013 Advanced Technical Credit Grant Program

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is requesting applications under request for application (RFA) # 701-12-104.

Eligible Applicants

TEA is requesting applications under RFA# 701-12-104 from public community and technical colleges in Texas.

Purpose of Program

The purpose of the 2012–2013 Advanced Technical Credit (ATC) grant program, also known as statewide articulation, is to support students interested in preparing for college and a technical career that requires postsecondary education. The program provides students with opportunities to earn college credit while in high school by taking enhanced high school Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses that have been aligned with postsecondary technical courses.

The ATC statewide articulation program was initiated to do the following:

  • Reduce duplication of course work
  • Provide a seamless transition from secondary to postsecondary education
  • Overcome problems associated with the mobility of student populations
  • Reduce the paperwork for schools and colleges

When used with a program of study, the statewide articulation program enables students to complete an associate’s degree in as few as three semesters; students who also take dual credit or Advanced Placement (AP) academic courses while in high school may finish an associate’s degree sooner. As of 2012, Texas has identified nearly 65 statewide articulated technical courses. More than 8,000 teachers have received ATC training and have been certified to teach ATC courses.

The ATC program provides the following:

  1. Resources to support the statewide articulation process for CTE courses
  2. Screening and documentation of secondary teachers to ensure that their credentials meet the accountability requirements of the Southern Association of College Systems (SACS)
  3. A clearinghouse for secondary teacher credentials for the community college within the State of Texas for the SACS requirement
  4. Professional development for all secondary CTE teachers teaching statewide articulated courses, moving from a face-to-face system of training to the use of technology in order to provide 24/7 online training
  5. Support for a statewide ATC Leadership Committee that facilitates review and revision of existing as well as new course alignments

Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006, P.L. 109-270, requires a state to support eligible recipients in developing and implementing articulation agreements between secondary education and postsecondary education institutions. Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §74.64, Distinguished Achievement High School Program—Advanced High School Program, allows students to use advanced technical credit courses with a grade of 3.0 or higher as an advanced measure for demonstrated student performance at the college or professional level.

Project Funding

Funding for the ATC program is contingent upon availability of federal appropriations for fiscal year 2013. Funding will be provided for approximately one project. The project will receive a maximum of $450,000 for the 2012–2013 project period. This project is funded 100% from federal funds.

Project Period

The ATC Grant Program will be implemented during the 2012–2013 school year. Applicants should plan for a starting date of no earlier than September 1, 2012, and an ending date of no later than August 31, 2013.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be selected based on the independent reviewers' assessment of each applicant's ability to carry out all requirements contained in the RFA. Reviewers will evaluate applications based on the overall quality and validity of the proposed grant programs and the extent to which the applications address the primary objectives and intent of the project. Applications must address each requirement as specified in the RFA to be considered for funding.

TEA reserves the right to select from the highest-ranking applications those that address all requirements in the RFA and that are most advantageous to the project.

TEA is not obligated to approve an application, provide funds, or endorse any application submitted in response to this RFA. This RFA does not commit TEA to pay any costs before an application is approved. The issuance of this RFA does not obligate TEA to award a grant or pay any costs incurred in preparing a response.

How to Apply

This RFA is in paper format. It must be downloaded, completed on the applicant’s computer desktop, printed, and submitted by mail or hand delivery. The complete RFA is posted on the TEA Grant Opportunities page at for viewing and downloading. In the “Select Search Options” box, select the name of the RFA from the drop-down list. Scroll down to the “Application and Support Information” section to view all documents that pertain to this RFA.

Reporting Requirements

LEAs that are awarded grants are responsible for meeting all required deadlines. Failure to meet deadlines may result in loss of funds and could cause the LEA to be identified as “high risk.”

The reporting requirements for this grant are posted on the TEA Grant Opportunities website at In the “Select Search Options” box, select the name of the RFA from the drop-down list. Scroll down to “Critical Events” to view all reporting deadlines that pertain to this grant.

For Further Information

In order to assure that no prospective applicant may obtain a competitive advantage because of acquisition of information unknown to other prospective applicants, any and all questions pertaining to the RFA must be submitted in writing to the TEA contact person listed on the TEA Grant Opportunities website. In the “Select Search Options” box, select the name of the program/RFA from the drop-down list. Scroll down to “Contact Information.”

Copies of the questions and the written answers thereto will be posted on the TEA Grant Opportunities website in the format of frequently asked questions (FAQs) at In the “Select Search Options” box, select the name of the program/RFA from the drop-down list. Scroll down to “Application and Support Information” to view all documents that pertain to this RFA.

Deadline for Receipt of Applications

Four copies of the application, with an original signature on Schedule #1—General Information on three of the copies (blue ink preferred), must be received by 5:00 p.m. Central Time, Tuesday, June 5, 2012, to be eligible to be considered for funding. Send the application to the following address:

Document Control Center, Room 1-108

Division of Grants Administration

Texas Education Agency

William B. Travis Building

1701 North Congress Avenue

Austin TX 78701-1494



Anita Givens

Associate Commissioner

Standards and Programs